Renaming resources the easy way

As you often experience with a server that are planned to be used for many years its necessary to rename users/resources with ease

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. However its simply not possible to rename resources in kerio connect web-administration
. So name your resources with an oracles eye.

There are however a supported way of renaming a resource that includes (you guessed it) taking down the server

– Create a new Resource
– Stop Kerio Connect
– Take a copy of the #msgs folder from the old resource and copy into the new resource (By default these will be located at (/opt/kerio/mailserver/store/mail/[domain]/[resource name]
– Start Kerio Connect and remove the old resource

Why this procedure cannot be integrated in the web administration, or via a cli without the need for the entire server to be down are once again due to the lack of intelligent engineering.

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