The need for unusually high I/O load

The kerio connect will not play nice with your storage if you have heavy users and lots of activity on your server

. Over-dimension your simple storage plan for kerio mail storage


You need to be aware that the kerio mailserver uses a lot of I/O more than you may expect and therefor might not be suitable for use in a virtual enviroment. Unless you have a filesystem that likes a huge amount of small files and a lot of file changes to other small files you’re better off choosing some other mailserver.

One mailfile in the mail queue consists of the actual mail and a meta file. One mail in a mailfolder constist of the actual mail stored in one file

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. And write to the following files (one sets of files in each folder!) properties.fld, search.fld, status.fld, deleted.fld and index.fld. So if you have a lot of emails in your folder the search file are 10mb+ and it takes time to write a updated copy of that each time a folder changes.

So if you and your users are like most people and store every email you/they ever got in a densely populated mailbox there are a lot of unnecessary I/O operations.

Also beware there are a vmware server 2.02 bug that terminates virtual machines if they use heavy I/O. Something you perhaps cannot blame on kerio, it’s vmwares fault even though intelligent engineering should prevent this excessive use of I/O.

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