Kerio from a legal view

Lets say your company is in a legal feud with a customer. For example the customer sent you an business update via email, or some other very important email. Then a couple of days later the customer calls you up, angry because you haven’t gotten back to them. Normally you have a quite rapid response and the customer has gotten used to it. You say you don’t know what email their talking about and asks for them to forward it to you
. You receive an email you’ve never seen before . During the time of the first email you have received a lot of other emails from other customers, and perhaps even other mails from the same customer. Some investigation are in order to see whats wrong with the mail delivery process.

Here where it gets strange, Kerio does not offer any way of tracing an email once it has been received. Almost all other mail-servers keep a rudimentary log of where it placed the email, if some rules moved it

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. If the spam-filter flagged it, if it contained virus
. Whatever reason there might be before the email get stored in the inbox. Also when it was flagged as read, deleted or fetched, using what protocol and from what ip the user authenticated
. Kerio’s solution is to enable debug (??), the problem with that are offcourse it will create gigantic log files. And we all know kerio and logfiles are not meant to be.

So then you and your company are in quite a hot seat. So if you ever need to trace an email choose something that works.

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