Subject Verb Agreement Rule No.1 Examples

Subject-verb agreement is an essential rule that dictates how a subject and verb in a sentence should agree based on their number and person. When speaking or writing, it’s essential to ensure that the subject and verb match so that the sentence makes sense. This rule plays a significant role in effective communication, which is why it’s worth examining.

Here are some examples of subject-verb agreement rule:

1. Singular subjects require singular verbs, while plural subjects need plural verbs.

For instance:

– The man is walking to the store. (singular subject – ”man,” singular verb – ”is”)

– The dogs are barking loudly. (plural subject – ”dogs,” plural verb – ”are”)

2. A compound subject consists of two or more nouns or pronouns joined by ”and.” Use a plural verb to agree with the plural subject.

For example:

– Tom and Jerry are best friends. (compound subject – ”Tom and Jerry,” plural verb – ”are”)

3. In sentences where the subject and verb are separated by a phrase, it`s essential to identify the subject before selecting the verb.

For instance:

– The book on the shelf is mine. (subject – ”book,” singular verb – ”is.”)

4. When the subject is an indefinite pronoun like ”everyone,” ”anyone,” and ”someone,” the verb is usually singular.

For example:

– Everyone is going to the party. (subject – ”everyone,” singular verb – ”is”)

5. Collective nouns like ”team,” ”class,” and ”jury” are singular when referring to the group as a whole. However, they can take a plural verb when referring to individual members.

For instance:

– The team is playing in the final. (singular verb – ”is”)

– The team members are excited about the final. (plural verb – ”are”)

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement plays a crucial role in effective communication. It is, therefore, essential to consider the rule when writing or speaking. By adhering to the rules of subject-verb agreement, you can effectively communicate your message and avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

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