Quick administration jobs

How often do you change your users passwords? Normally i would say never since users on our other mailservers;

  1. Changes their own password according to our company password policy
    . You all know must be of X characters long and contain at least X lowercase, X capitals, X numbers. All passwords are valid for X days. They get a mail reminding them to change password and some days later a text reminder
  2. If they do forget their password the server can generate a new password identifying them self using a secure site with certificate authentication or get a one time only password sent to their cellphone.

However since there are no password policy in the kerio connect software you as an administrator are forced to change their passwords with a running interval

(much more cialis intermediate cardiac risk, as defined in Table V, can be.

. There are even no way for users to get their lost password. And if you would like to build one yourself to change XX passwords at once using some script it just cant be done. There are no CLI/Scriptable administration tools available for kerio connect.

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